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Episode 101: Esteban tells Acacia that he knows that she loves him and must accept it, or he will tell Cristina. Cristina tells Esteban that she’s never liked Danilo’s behavior. Desperate to distance herself from Esteban, Acacia tells Manuel to please save her and asks him to marry her.

Episode 102: Manuel asks Norberto if he knew that Alejandra worked as a prostitute with Danilo. Alejandra asks Acacia if the police were able to catch Danilo, and she tells him that he escaped. Manuel tells Ulises that he doesn’t want to be his enemy, especially now that he is going to be married to Acacia.

Episode 103: Esteban tells Acacia that the only way she can marry Manuel is over his dead body. Hector tells Cristina that destiny is foolish, because he loves her and can’t do anything about it. Cristina tells Acacia that she forgives her, but she is rushing to marry Manuel.

Episode 104: Esteban tells El Rubio that he won’t allow Acacia to marry Manuel, and he doesn’t care what he has to do. Lizzie tells Alejandra that she wants to be sure that she won’t try to win back German’s love now that they’re about to get married. In front of Juliana and Cristina, Esteban tells Acacia and Manuel that they can’t get married, but Manuel tells him that they will be married at the civil registry.

Episode 105: Alejandra tells Acacia that Esteban abused her trust in him. Luisa tells Arturo that she doesn’t want her wedding only to be because of the fact that he wants his son to have his last name and that she loves him. Acacia tells Esteban that she wants him to leave.
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Read about 60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days

60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days-

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to make drastic changes in order to notice an improvement in the quality of your life. At the same time, you don’t need to wait a long time in order to see the measurable results that come from taking positive action. All you have to do is take small steps, and take them consistently, for a period of 100 days.
Below you’ll find 60 small ways to improve all areas of your life in the next 100 days.


1.  Create a “100 Days to Conquer Clutter Calendar” by penciling in one group of items you plan to declutter every day, for the next 100 days.  Here’s an example:
  • Day 1: Declutter Magazines
  • Day 2: Declutter DVD’s
  • Day 3: Declutter books
  • Day 4: Declutter kitchen appliances

Guys go around asking Ghanaian girls for sex! (Must Watch Video)

You’re about to witnessed one of the craziest videos you ever watched. In this video titled ‘Asking Ghanaian girls for sex’, Frederick and Flimzy go round asking random girls at the Labadi beach just to see their reactions. From this social experiment, more girls were rather cool with leaving their phone numbers. So easy! Watch this one, as they also ask some girls how much they would charge for sex that night. Enjoy!!

Source: EnterGhana.com | Guys go around asking Ghanaian girls for sex! (Must Watch Video)

Checkout The Jobs Your Favorite Ghanaian Celebs Were Doing Before The Fame

Famous people get almost everything they want for free, so long as they keep getting famous. Is that not the life everybody wishes for?

It’s harder to be famous in Ghana, even when you get famous, the money side of the fame is not a small task. As much they wanted to be big and make their talents known to Ghana and the world, they had a plan B of living a normal life, like everybody else.
Here are the jobs your favorite Ghanaian celebs did before they became famous.

Sarkodie – Graphic Designer

Right after Senior High School (Tema Methodist Day Senior High School, Medassco), Sarkodie, an aspiring rapper, enrolled in one of the schools offering computer classes to learn graphic designing whilst he skipped classes to the studios. God willing he made a career out of it.

Kumi Guitar – Taxi Driver

Kumi Guitar of “Break Into Two” fame was and is still a taxi driver.

Who’s Ghana’s Bill Cosby now? KKD ?

kkkd citifm
The news which broke out on Saturday night about the 19 year old girl accusing KKD of rape, is definitely going to tarnish KKD’s image.
First of all, alot of people are going to question his credibility from now going. This days whenever i log on to my facebook accout, i see a lot of status updates from people dissing KKD.

The 3 possible scenarios that could have brought about the KKD rape case

kkd rape possible scenarios

The 3 possible scenarios that could have brought about the KKD rape case

Kwesi Kyei Darkwa
 was arrested during the weekend for allegedly raping a 19 year old girl known as Effe. He’s currently been granted bail and investigations are ongoing.
We have studied the issue and come out with three of the most possible case scenarios, that could have led to the 19 year old girl reporting KKD to the Airport Police.
1. The 19 year old girl’s boyfriend caught her for cheating, so she had to put the blame on KKD for rape.

Deborah Vanessa posts photo of her vagina

B4gv41CIYAAthtZ Deborah Vanessa posts photo of her vagina
What’s up with Sister Debby today? #Borla is already trending on twitter, now this! Anyways any publicity is publicity,whether good or bad. Checkout this photo of her private part above. We never knew she was this naughty though, and maybe, we’ve discovered a Ghanaian Maheeda.

Afia Schwarzenegger attacks Bishop Obinim

afia bishop Afia Schwarzenegger attacks Bishop Obinim
The feud between Afia Schwarzenegger is becoming serious, as both of them can’t stop but continue to reply each other. We have Afia’s latest reply, which she did post up on her Facebook page. Read below:

Wizkid discloses he has a crush on Chidinma

wizzki Wizkid discloses he has a crush on Chidinma
Ayo Balogun, a multiple award-winning Nigerian music star,popularly known as Wizkid has revealed in a chat with MTV Base that he has a huge crush on MTN Project Fame 2010 winner, Chidinma Ekile.
Speaking to the channel, Wizkid disclosed: “I’ve had a huge crush on Chidinma for a long time. She doesn’t know it but it’s true.”
Well, from what we see, it seems like an interesting matchup if the two would really hook up.

I am dealing with not only Bishop Obinim but his entire Idol worshippers- Afia Schwarzenneger

afia shu I am dealing with not only Bishop Obinim but his entire Idol worshippers  Afia Schwarzenneger
After Afia Schwarzenneger took to her facebook page to lay insults on Bishop Obinim, most of her fans did advice her to leave the pastor’s wife, Florence Obinim out of the whole situation. Angry Schwarzenneger then replied them and went as far as saying she was dealing with not only his family but his entire idol worshippers that call themselves church members.

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