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Building Brands with the Online Marketing

At a time when traditional advertising is becoming increasingly costly and businesses need access to global markets, brands in Ghana cannot afford to exclude the Internet from their marketing mix and budget.

Ceding part of their advertising budgets to online media may, thus, prevent many businesses from the risk of losing out on the large chunk of Ghanaians who spend a great deal of time on the Internet than on traditional media.
Wild Fusion, Africa’s leading full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Accra, Lagos and Nairobi, seeks to empower brands in Ghana to tap into the opportunities that the Internet presents for business and help them remain competitive in this dynamic landscape.
Many businesses in Ghana lack even basic knowledge about the Internet and its potential to expand sales and drive growth through incisive marketing. Engaging a digital or online marketing agency to facilitate the process of taking businesses online and helping them achieve a return on their investment may just be the tonic needed to refresh brands.
“Online Marketing” according to Country Manager for Wild Fusion, Ms Elizabeth Opoku-Darkwa, “is more than just owning a Facebook or Twitter page. Social Media is only one facet of the larger scope of marketing channels available on the Internet, and businesses who do not have in-house marketing professionals dedicated to internet marketing would be better off soliciting the services of a marketing agency that specializes in that function in order to see profitable results.” The process of trial and error can be costly or time wasting if not guided by a solid strategy and backed by the technical and creative expertise that digital marketing requires.
Should businesses then just focus on advertising on the Internet? "I don't think the issue of online and traditional media advertising is an either or situation but if you put the two side by side, I think online advertising is more result-oriented than the rest. Besides, most customers nowadays are continually online than they are with other media," Elizabeth says. 
Offering the entire range of online marketing services spanning search engine marketing and optimization, display advertising, email marketing and social media marketing, Wild Fusion, in addition, is equipped to develop customer engagement tools and resources like websites, mobile applications and interactive games for businesses. To complement these services the company also offers supporting services like digital strategy, web analytics, customer database modeling, consumer insights and website optimization.
The company is the first Google Certified Partner in West Africa and the winner of the Sowambe ‘Best Digital Agency’ Award. Currently, it is actively liaising with Google in order to make the transition to the Internet as seamless and profitable for businesses in Ghana as possible.
As online media sales representatives for a number of global online brands including BBC Online, Facebook and Linkedin, Wild Fusion dominates the market as a premium service, and the most influential and innovative digital marketing agency in Africa.
“Our agency has worked with brands across key verticals from FMCGs to Finance to Telecom to Retail to NGOs to Ecommerce- the list is extensive. Some of our clients include Samsung,Visa, Unilever, Vodafone and Pepsi. We are able to have such breadth because we pride ourselves on delving deep into our clients’ businesses in order to understand the product/service, their challenges, value proposition and everything that exists in the back-end. We are marketers who often step into the shoes of the finance department and the production department,” Ms Opoku Darkwa expands. “We believe that one cannot exist without being in tandem with the other. So by taking time to thoroughly grasp the business needs of our clients we are able to devise bespoke digital campaigns that meet those needs and extinguish those problems.”
There are very few fixed costs in online marketing. Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising ran on an auction basis. So you pay as much as you are willing to or can afford. This means that clients can range from start-ups to SMEs to multi-national companies whose pockets all have varying depths. “Regardless of how much brands have to spend, we work closely with them to develop a strategy and channel mix which will be beneficial to them and ultimately solve their business problems,” says Ms Opoku-Darkwa.
With online marketing, budgets can be set and changed in minutes. Campaigns can be paused or stopped in the same vein. There is constant step-by-step evaluation of online campaigns to inform budget allocation. This ensures that any incremental budget will gain marginal returns and can be justified.

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