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10 Ways to casually make your ex regret his existence

10 Ways to casually make your ex regret his existence
Post break-up, you're bound to get it: The dreaded invite to the party/picnic/wedding where you know your ex will be. But instead of viewing it like the sequel to Doomsday, start prepping for it like a big red carpet event —one where he's not the focus of your entire evening, just the inspiration for you not wearing a pair of unwashed jeans out of the house (again).
Splurge on a New Dress
That fab feeling when you're wearing something new that you know looks good will be well worth it for an occasion like this: It's always best to feel your best when dealing with your ex, no matter how good (or, well, not so good) the break-up was. We recommend checking out the recently highly hyped NastyGal.com for a wide range of drool-worthy dresses.
Bring a Wingman
No need to dig through your contacts for a kind-of-sort-of suitable date. The ideal dude to take to a situation like this would be a guy-pal who is well-informed of the situation and knows your feelings on your ex (major bonus points if he's cute). Having an awkward first (or second) date when your mind is on your last BF isn't ideal. Don't have a guy friend who fills this role? A wing-woman can do the trick too!
Get Your Hair Did
...And your nails did too. Make sure you look and feel like a slightly better version of your normal self. A blow-out can leave any girl feeling like a million bucks and won't make it look like you tried too hard. Don't show up with a manicure from three weeks ago, especially if you have a habit of chomping on your nails when you get nervous. And if he never saw you wear make-up before, don't show up sporting false lashes and siren red lipstick. You don't want to look like you tried too hard.
If you're thinking of whipping your locks into an ex-envying inducing frenzy, DryBaroffers more than just the regular blow-dry. For $75 per month, ladies receive 2 blow-outs of their choice, and a head/neck massage, as well as 10% off all products. That's one for the night you run into him and another for when your date with the guy who is way, way better than he was in the first place.
Wear Your Signature Fragrance
That perfume you've been wearing since the 9th grade? The one he always commented on? Wear it a little heavier that evening. It'll bring back memories of that time you borrowed his sweater for a week without washing it, that fancy anniversary dinner, and all kinds of things. Basically, just of you.
Take Care of the Areas He'll Never Even See
This could seem counter-intuitive, since he's never getting near your lady garden again (stay strong girl, no matter how hot he looks), but you'll feel better about yourself if even the parts he's not giving a one-two look-over are perfectly groomed. That's why we advise getting a wax—whichever way you prefer—ahead of time. And if you're in the market for it, open the purse a bit wider for a full leg wax. Nothing feels nicer then a set of perfectly smooth legs. Even if its just for you. Not a big waxer? First time guests atEuropean Wax Center receive a complimentary wax.
Have a Drink...But Not Five
They call it liquid courage for a reason. Depending on your relationship with alcohol, one drink can make you feel a little less nervous, two can make you loose-limbed enough to be willing to hit the dance-floor—and that's where you should stop. The last thing you want to happen is you wake up in your bed the next day with a hangover, a bunch of blurry memories of throwing a drink in his face, and no recollection of where you put your dignity.
Give Your Friends Talking Points
This one only works if, in fact, you have a hoard of trustworthy friends attending the same event. But if you have a girlfriend of two who will be in the vicinity, they know the scoop on the ex, and they don't seem as superficial as plastic when given instructions, no harm in giving them a couple directions. Besides, if she just happens to drop in front of him about your promotion, awesome new apartment, or that vacation you guys are going on—well, better from her lips than yours, right?
Be Gracious
So he dumped you and broke your heart, and you are just finally taking the 10 pounds in cupcakes off? Don't let him hear about it. Don't let him hear about the grudges you hold, and in fact, just don't let him hear too much; Make your time with him short, sweet and gracious, and don't monopolize his time over the course of the evening.
Hit the Dance Floor (But Not the Karaoke Machine)
Have fun. Especially if you are at a party or a social gathering, make sure every move you make doesn't revolve around his presence in the room, no matter how difficult that may be. Love to dance with your girlfriends? Do it. Just don't try too hard to look like the life of the party if that's not who you normally are. Believe us— he'll notice. And not in a good way.
Make a Perfectly Timed Exit
Just because he's staying til the end doesn't mean you need to. Time your exit so it looks like you have better things to do. Because if you think about it, you probably do. And they don't include him.

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