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Is My Boyfriend Just Being Insensitive Or Stingy?

Hello all, I am in a dilemma.
I have been in a serious and steady relationship for a year and half now and we hope to get married soon. 
My problem is that my boyfriend is naturally stingy. I am ardent advocate of romance without finance but men need to understand that even if a woman has a million, nothing pleases her more than knowing her man can provide a hundred for her.

I am very independent and I have my own money but I get broke sometimes cos I have a family to take care of. My bf always had a ready made answer of "I don't have" whenever I tell him to lend me money.

My brother gained admission into the university and I had to pay his acceptance fee. I was very broke so I asked him to lend me some money and he gave his usual answer. I just laughed it off only to discover today that he bought a brand new phone of over 60k and I needed just 25k.

I have made several sacrifices for him in the past including selling my ipad because he needed money to finance something and I didn't have it at that time.
I can go any length for him but he feels it's a taboo if he makes sacrifices for me.

I called off the relationship last night cos as I was telling him he offended me, he just kept shouting that I shouldn't bother him and not drop my problems on his head.

Isn't he the most insensitive lover ever?

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