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Photos: This 28 Years Old Lady Suffers Panic Attacks Whenever She Sees Father Christmas

Stephanie Howlett, 28, has a severe phobia of Father Christmas which she developed as a child

Most people look forward to Christmas, but this woman is left with an impending sense doom as the festive season approaches.
Stefanie Howlett, 28, has an overwhelming phobia of Father Christmas that she cannot be in the same building as a Santa and, if she knows there’s one nearby, she instantly bursts into tears.

DailyMail reports Ms Howlett is even unable to watch TV for fear the Coca-Cola Christmas advert will come on.
She said:

 ‘He absolutely terrifies me but I can’t work out exactly why. Whenever I see him it brings on a panic attack. I went on a Christmas coach trip two years ago and we went to a Santa’s Grotto in Norway.  
When we were told we were going to go in and meet Santa just knowing he was in the next room brought on a panic attack. 
I burst into tears and couldn’t go in the room - I could barely stay in the building.I’ll run away and cry and nobody can calm me down - I can’t even look at him.

Ms Howlett said her fear for Father Christmas started after being dragged by her parents to sit on Santa's lap every year as a child.
She does all her Christmas shopping online to avoid catching a glimpse of Father Christmas.
She added: 
To avoid seeing him I’ll find out where he’s going to be and I’ll avoid those places like the plague. I feel sorry for any children I’ll have because I’ll never be taking them to visit Santa’s Grotto.’

Fear: Ms Howlett (pictured with Father Christmas as a child) is so scared of Santa she is unable to be in a building with one and she bursts into tears at the sight of him
Howlett with Santa when she was a child
Ms Howlett is even unable to watch TV for fear the Coca-Cola Christmas advert will come on
 She said: 'He absolutely terrifies me but I can't work out why. Whenever I see him it brings on a panic attack'
Ms Howlett said: 'Christmas films with Santa in terrify me - it's like somebody else watching a horror film - I start to get palpitations and panic. Everyone thinks it is hilarious but it's a real phobia for me'
Ms Howlett has to do all of her Christmas shopping online so as to avoid seeing Father Christmas
Ms Howlett says she developed the phobia after her parents dragged her to see Santa each Christmas when she was a child and forced her to sit on his knee

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