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Ghanaian Radio Presenters/DJs Are Hypocritically Greedy, Biased And “Killers”.


By David Mawuli
Hey, this is the right time to deal with the right issues. Since I embarked on my radio promotion journey, I have observed these unusual hypocritical attitudes from some Ghanaian radio presenters and disc jockeys. I didn’t like it at all and that’s why I decided to voice it out to the good people of Ghana.

I sometimes ask myself these questions. Should we blame the Ghana government too for the downfall of the music industry? Will payola ever end? What’s the difference between bribery and payola? Who is degrading our music industry and who is killing the game?

I thought it wise to ask these questions surrounding us because I am optimistic they have a very serious effects and indictment on the music industry. For the sake of security reasons, I would not mention any presenter, DJ or radio personality/station name. I have been into this business for about two years. On my first day of promo business, I got to a radio station; I contacted a DJ and said, “Please. I have a CD for you for airplay ooo”. He received and opened the case and watched what’s in it. After that, he asked me to leave; for he will call me to inform me on the airplay day and time.
I left immediately with joy in my heart. I sat home waiting for his promised call but he won’t. When I called him after two weeks, he didn’t respond. When I visited him at their studios, he won’t allow me to see him because he is always busy. I tweeted at him, he didn’t mind me. All because, I didn’t add flavour to the CDs I submitted. Just look at that!!!
Now, imagine Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Rehana, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kanye West or any other foreign artiste release a song in two hours. You will realise the kind of airplays and tweeting they will be giving to them as if they are being given some dollars for that.
Even around African territories, just look at the way Ghanaian DJs play their music instead of Ghanaian music. If you don’t hear “Khona” on a certain station, you will hear “Skelewu” on the other. I am not personally against the airplays those foreign songs are enjoying. I am only interested in the betterment of the Ghana music industry.
Having being an entertainment blogger, promoter and owner of thinkghmusic.com, I have always released that, our own would be the best we can have. I know a lot of Ghanaian music lovers have developed the taste for foreign music especially Nigerian and American music but there is still a chance to succeed and push our artistes to the sky.
It will take a Ghanaian musician whether popular or underground hundreds of Ghana cedis before his/her song gets on air which is bad. With the little radio promo experience I’ve had in the United States and United Kingdom, radio DJs even require exclusive songs to feature on their programmes. But in Ghana, it’s rather the opposite. Realised, some Ghanaian DJs are very popular in the U.K, NY, Toronto, South Africa and Nigeria. They even get many shows outside Africa and their programmes have great listeners with the help of internet streaming. They are not interested in any exclusive songs. They love bribe (Payola) than their responsibilities. It’s pay as you go. Even if you song is the worst of all, just pay and they will help you hit the limelight.
Therefore, who is killing our artistes? Who is covering their image in the outside world? Who is killing our music industry?
The answer is “The same old evil dwarfs”. Rest in Peace, Kumla Dumor.

Source: thinkghmusic.com

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