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Ladies, This Is How To Enslave A Man With Great Sex

Since I wrote about how to satisfy a woman, I think it is fair enough to also write about how to satisfy a man too, since we all know it takes two to tango.

From the way we were created, it is obvious all a man demands is respect. Men love to be bosses and will love an obedient woman. To satisfy a man, it all starts with respect (I wouldn’t wanna talk much about this, but if you want to learn more on this, you can read my piece on “A man’s worth” in my notes on facebook), the next is knowing his fantasies, very important. Every man and how he views sex, not all men are the same, you should know that. But there’s one thing every man loves, teasing and fellatio.

Though I once mentioned, every man will get an erection no matter where we are, we also have what we detest and we will finish the act before defining a woman.
One key thing every man hates, it’s a woman who smells bad down there. No matter how bad you smell there, some men will still go ahead and have sex in the heat of the moment but after that, forget about keeping him, he’s gone for good. So as a woman, you need to smell very good, so good that it lingers in his mind for ages.

Another point is, men love teasing too and love to hear explicit things. Telling a man what you will love him to do to you makes him go crazy. The idea is he feels so proud that you want him so much you can’t do anything about it. This makes most of them go crazy. Learn to tease him by calling and talking sweet to him and telling him how you wish he was here and what you will have loved him to do to you. Most women here even hate to ask for sex when they are in the mood. It is not only the responsibility of a man to initiate sex, it’s a woman’s responsibility too and women, who fail to do so, are always on the bad side.
As I mentioned earlier, most men love fellatio and you can’t take that out of the list, what I can tell you now is, you need to master this act than no other woman. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t talk about that here, maybe in a different write up, but what I will tell you is to go and learn it. You can watch practical videos or tutorials on it. If you master this, he’s enslaved, trust me.
One thing many women fail to notice is that, every man loves it tight and many women actually think it’s the man who has to up his game. Saying he has a small manhood ruins the whole thing, but most women also fail to know that they may be having a wide opening. Honestly, I don’t see why even men go in for all sorts of drugs to make their manhood big when it’s not actually their duty to make it fit. It’s actually the duty of the woman to make it fit, thanks to almighty KEGEL EXERCISE. What a man really needs to do is to make it hard, that’s very important. The vagina is elastic and a woman can shrink it to fit the size they so desire. My point is, learn the Kegel Exercise, if not after a baby comes out of there, the penis will just be another piece of sausage. Learning the kegel exercise and mastering it can easily enslave him. This can even be done during intercourse.
As I said, most men have fantasies, there’s a very good reason why we love to watch porn. Learn about a man’s fantasy and use it. Learn to try new things…like using an oil massage in all places, mastering a hand job, fellatio, etc. Be ready to try new skills and sex positions. Don’t tell him, “I can’t do it” if he comes up with an idea and wants you to try, men love women who are always ready to do anything for them. If you’re unable to do it and he finds someone who can, he’s gone.
Sacrificing is also another key point when it comes to satisfying a man, like I mentioned, men love women who are readily available. If you have a headache, sex won’t kill you, in fact research shows that sex actually cures headache. During sex, some hormones are released that act as pain killers and so what’s really your excuse?
If you’re a woman who is readily available, it will be difficult for your man to cheat on you but it is not a must though, some men are just natural cheaters, it will be difficult to get it out of them, but they can still be held down.
Now during the act itself, learn to take charge and please don’t fake orgasms, sometimes we know, we just ignore you and it’s annoying. Enjoy it when it’s right. Don’t lie there idle, participate, it’s for the two of you not the work of the man as most of you think. If you just lie there like a piece of wood, he’s probably gonna treat you like one.
Most women hate to talk during sex, especially in our culture here, how will the man be able to tell if he’s on the right path? Like I said in my previous write up on satisfying women, during sex, a man is like a blind man walking in a dark tunnel, it takes you the woman to direct him accordingly. If you’re silent and lying there like a log of wood, he’s gonna do it all wrong. Ladies!!! You need to talk during sex. If he’s in the wrong place that you’re not enjoying, let him know, don’t lie there and act angry, it won’t solve anything. Some women think when they say it, the man will get angry, well I will say sometimes it depends on how you say it. If you go like, “I’m not enjoying it oh!” or “I’m not feeling anything”, that’s bad. It will be romantic to say, “Honey! I love it when you do it this way” That’s even more morale for him to work it hard. And when you enjoying it, don’t fail to let him know.
Finally what every woman fails to do, calling a man to thank him for giving her such wonderful sex and tell him how he enjoyed it. That little thing is mind boggling and every man will fall for it.
These are the few tips I have for you. Do this and you can enslave a man for good. Chao!!!
Written By Kwaku Darko/OMGGhana.Com

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