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Open letter to Ebenezer Anangfio

Ebenezer ; thus far Ghanaian comedy has come. Open letter to Anangfio

I was appalled after I saw Uncle Anagfio’s article titled ” are Ghanaian comedians funny? Tweaa ” , barely 3 months after he had declared himself as a helper of Ghanaian comedy . After reading the story, I concluded that Anangfio is either a hypoCRITICAL confused crack head or was simply controlled by the strings of his puppeteering slave masters.

Someone who doesn’t have the creative ability to entertain an audience in laughter is not a comedian. So what doesn’t my unrivalled rival mean when he says “comedians are not funny”, will the people he constantly attacks be recognized as humor therapist if they had not made a crowd laugh?
Anangfio single-handedly outlawed Actor/ comedian David Oscar ; constantly writing “low – blow – articles ” to defame the successful humorist. In the most popular of such stories, titled ” Ghanaian comedian David Oscar, is a joke ” he passionately attacked Mr. Oscar, calling him a failure.

The same David Oscar he painted with his ill spirited brush, was voted the funniest man in Ghana by a cross section of the public, again Mr. Oscar was the first to ink Ghana’s flag on the temple of international comedy, as the world class humorist, entertained the Mnet comedy club.
Furthermore, amongst Eben’s the names of “unfunny” funny men was DKB. This man went to BBA as a celebrity under the pretext of a comedian. This basically means continental acceptance, Top acts like Eddy kadi are always eager to collaborate with him.

Anangfio referred to David Oscar as the self imposed Ghanaian comedy crusader. What does one die for if he hasnt lived for anything? David has risked being constantly blacklisted to ensure a better tomorrow for indigenous comic acts. What has Anangfio lived for? Has he even gained any recognition as a stomach blogger? . Thanks to David Oscar for taking clip of acts like funnyface, Dkb and more to Mnet, these Ghanaian comics a
got their due on the Comedy club.
David Oscar has also lived up to the title #SIGCC as he has given Ghanaian humorist a stage on his televised road show, ” corporate comedy series ” a platform, which has recorded high patronage/Television ratings and left audience pre-ordering tickets .
No matter what the shadow covers, it can never cover the sun. Despite Anangfio’s campaign against David Oscar and Ghanaian comedy which he claimed to be building, the world has been destined to see comedy in Ghana shine bright.
David Oscar has sworn to remain the self imposed Ghanaian comedy crusader or #SIGCC, a title which was meant to defame him by the self imposed Ghanaian comedy detractor himself, Ebenezer Anangfio.
Ebenezer ; Thus far Ghanaian comedy has come.
Story by : Kojo Abotchie

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