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Osu cemetery graves exhumed, burnt & resold

Osu Cemetary New

Some undertakers at the Osu cemetery are exhuming and burning bodies in graves to provide space for fresh burials.

Assemblyman for the area, Erasmus Xerton, told XYZ News the grave exhumation, burning and looting have been going on for the past one month.

Residents near the grave have also complained they could suffer dire health problems due to the sepulchral bonfires.

Mr Xerton says it is important the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) intervenes in the situation to stop the grave destruction, looting, burning of bodies and reselling of burial space.

About 120 bodies are buried each year at the Osu Cemetery.

An ordinary grave, as of late 2012 cost GH¢500 while a special grave (vault) went for GH¢700.

The vault is usually cemented before and after burial.

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