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(Photos) No Way! Woman Gets $9,000 A Month To Stuff Her Face With Food!

Ummmmm, where can I sign up for this job? This madness called “gastronomic voyeurism” actually has a name and it’s currently the new craze in Korea. A woman who goes by the name “The Diva” gets paid a whooping $9,000 a month to stuff her face with food on camera. She does this for around three hours a day live via a webcam. Her crowd generally “has trouble eating” and gets a thrill out of watching the little lady shove food down her tiny throat. They even have the option to chat with her and ask her questions! Creepy much or naw? Check out the some more picsafter the cut
"The Diva" hard at work
"The Diva" hard at work
"The Diva" hard at work

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