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Top 10 Cheap Ghanaian Musicians

By cheap we don’t mean their personal lifestyles or how much they charge to perform, what we mean is, the kind of musicians who don’t put in much into their songs/videos and were probably lucky to have had a hit song or two.
Music business is a big business, Musicians like Jay Z, Diddy, Rihanna, Beyonce etc have made tons of monies from it but before it takes much professionalism, investing and spending on your arts in other to make anything reasonable.

Mostly we wonder why Ghana music doesn't go far and it’s just in between the walls of Ghana, the farther Ghana music can go is Nigeria which occasionally one Ghanaian song falls through. It’s simply because most of our top artistes became popular by chance and even after they hit the limelight, they fail to invest in their works. Renowned producers will tell you that top-rated artists in Ghana don’t even pay for beats, music videos because they feel they are doing the beatmaker/video director a favor, hence why medium job is done on their arts.
Mostly you can’t blame our musicians as they say, Ghana showbiz is a risk, today you are the reigning king and tomorrow it’s like you never existed. Anyway, let’s take a lot at your favorite musicians that we think are cheap in their works.

YAA PONO: If you’ve ever wondered why Yaa Pono was never commercially successful, it’s probably because he never did things right. The only thing he did right was his funny rap lines. He never released any major single, nor a professional music video. Almost all his songs were ‘Freestyle’, listened to once or twice and thrown into the bin. Till date, he’s still not one of the top rappers yet, with all that talents.
STONEBWOY: I won’t blame Stonebwoy much for his cheap taste, Samini probably gave him high hopes and dropped him like it’s hot. Stonebwoy makes one of the best reggae/dancehall songs but his songs barely get good music videos which could shoot a song to the very top. Maybe it’s funds but can’t no one see the talent Stonebwoy has?
KECHE: Keche has made lots of hit songs in the short time they’ve been in the industry. It’s almost as if every song Keche drops becomes a hit but their music videos sucks ass, except for ‘Aluguitugui’ which they went a little bit above standard but still nothing special to talk about. Try watch ‘Sorkode’ and you might not long Keche again for spoiling such a good rave song with that ‘wack’ music video.
EAZZY: I won’t blame Eazzy too. I guess when she realized she could do things better, it was almost too late. She was in a team and decisions wasn’t in her hands. Eazzy made a couple of hit songs like her all time banger, ‘Wengeze’, Go Go Wind, One Girl and more but sorry to say all the videos to these songs looked too amateur all because it was edited by the team’s beat maker SMH .. talk about jack of all trades

: Formerly Richie, was one-time the wonder-kid of Ghana music, he produced as if he had the midas touch, he single-handedly changed the phase of Ghana music, he did everything right except for being the editor of the team’s music videos. He should have just paid for professionals to do it. Till date, Lynx can’t boast of professionally produced music videos except for a couple.
SHATTA WALE: He is the self acclaimed king of dancehall in Ghana. He releases songs everyday simply because he has a studio in his room. I bet Shatta Wale never heard the statement ‘quality over quantity’ before. When it comes to music videos, he hasn’t made much impact either. His hit song ‘Dancehall King’ had an alright video, nothing special for his first smash hit since he went down in the early 2000′s. His second video to his song ‘Everybody Like My Tin’ sucked ass. I guess Shatta Wale has been blindfolded by his new found fame.
SAMINI: Samini has been doing music for a long time and his songs are of high quality no doubt but his music videos these days don’t cut right for me. He used to make good videos like his self titled song ‘Samini’ and more. These days it’s like he don’t care.
       OKYEAME KWAME: He is excellent musically, his lyrics and creative albums are always highly acclaimed but we feel Okyeame Kwame don’t put much in his music videos. I was wondering why his music video to ‘Woara’ was nominated at the 4Syte VMA’s and it won. Really? What in the world was special about that video? I guess this is indeed GHANA.
SARKODIE: Sarkodie has stepped up his game. I personally think Sarkodie should be bigger than he is today and everyday he blames the media. The truth is, during the Azonto days when Sarkodie had smash hits like ‘You Go Kill Me’ and ‘Dangerous’, He was acting cheap, he shot free music videos from hungry directors and made lots of freestyles on free beats from bubbling producers, even his smash hit song ‘You Go Kill Me’, the producer had to leak it himself or it would gave been unheard. As much as he has a lot in store, people get tired you know so it’s best to make hay whiles the sun shine. Good thing, he started shooting expensive videos like ‘Pon Di Thing’, ‘Down On One’ and ‘Illuminati’. It all helps to boost his brand.

KWAW KESE: Kwaw Kese is the type of musician who don’t seem to care about anything, from what he wear, say, do or eat. He’s happy however he is. He has been active since time and so far we can’t recall a professional and high quality music video from the artist. Even his biggest songs had the worst music videos ever and he covers it all with his madness.  Mad indeed.

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