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Trouble at SABI Boy camp as Mr. Magic fights with his Manger

Sabi boy EntertainmentOver the past few years the Sabi boy entertainment camp, which is made up of Mr Magic and Bigistizee, the Manager, has been successful in the music businessmaking study progress, from releasing two major video and a couple of viral video to recording song with top artist such as EL, kesse, Natural face,  Gemini. There have even been  rumors of  Mr Magic and Nigeria Hop hip Artist Vector collaborating soon.

But currently it looks like there trouble in the once brotherly and peaceful camp. Apparently the misunderstanding started the ending of last year when Mr Magic  was contacted to perform at a show in Lagos in Nigeria, but upon reaching there the manager, Bigstizee refused to let Mr Magic perform because he felt the money they were being offered was not enough, plus the organizers did not fulfill what they agreed on in the contract when they arrive there.
These actions taken by the manager did not go down well with Mr Magic as he felt he needed to perform to show love to his people in Nigeria. And since he had flew all the way from Ghana his manager should have just allowed him to perform than canceling his whole performance without prior discussions.
An inside source close to the Sabi boys disclosed that; there has been serious tension between the two with the least disagreement between them two leading to serious arguments. When contacted on the issue they both claim things were just fine and they had no comment on the issue. Mr Magic is currently planning to go to Nigeria for a video shoot and recording with some of the major artist for his up and coming album.

Source: AmeyawDebrah

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