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Read this and you will seriously consider leaving Facebook for good

Read this and you will seriously consider abandoning Facebook
This is why I’m leaving Facebook for good. I’m certainly not the first to write about such a decision, but hopefully I can contribute something new to the conversation.
Here are some reasons for leaving, in no particular order.

  1. Facebook made it easier for me to be a crappy friend and family member. Aunts, cousins and even grandmothers can stay up to speed on the Steel household, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. I almost never have to pick up the phone. I’m the only one to blame for this, but I certainly don’t need Facebook to empower my relational apathy.
  2. You can go broad, but you can’t go deep. A friend of mine recently described the baseline for his Facebook connections as “people he’d recognize in a line-up.” Because time is precious to me, I’d rather focus on deepening my social network instead of broadening it.
  3. It’s addictive, and not in the “OMG this product is so useful and amazing” way. The devious brilliance of Facebook is how those little red flags induce the release of small amounts of dopamine in our brains. Those little squirts of brain-buzz never mature into lasting feelings of joy. Like any addictive drug, Facebook always leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more. I’d go as far as to say that Facebook is to friendship what porn is to sex. A poor substitute for the real thing.
  4. Facebook is the perfect platform for presenting a designed self. But the allure of deceit by design is all too powerful. I can carefully curate my life to look like a shimmering stream of Hallmark moments. To people browsing their newsfeeds, this can produce feelings of envy, depression, or (perhaps most ironically) isolation and loneliness.
  5. My ego doesn’t need the fuel. Facebook provides a never-ending popularity contest of likes, comments and reposts. Just because narcissism is more pervasive than ever, that doesn’t mean it’s okay.
  6. Real communication is messy, hard to control, requires vulnerability and can take decades of hard work. But it’s infinitely more beautiful and more rewarding. Having total control over the way we present ourselves makes us less human.
  7. I’ve found that every time I browse Facebook, I’m avoiding a more challenging yet meaningful use of time. It distracts me from the real stuff of life, whether it’s playing Legos with my kids, enjoying rare moments alone with my wife or designing something that will improve people’s lives in some small way.
  8. Selective ignorance is a profoundly peaceful state, particularly when…
  9. The majority of content is utter garbage.
  10. I rediscovered the prudence of privacy.
  11. When I clicked the (hidden) Deactivate button, I was informed that my “370 friends will no longer be able to keep in touch with me.” Bullshit. Thanks for making it easy for me to follow through, guys.

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