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7 Daily Mood Boosters That Will Cost You Nothing

By Eniola Ake

In a community where things don’t seem to be going fine or where everything seems to be going the negative way, mood boosters are beneficial for your emotional health. They help you overcome the chances of getting depressed because in an environment where pollution (noise, air) and stress are the order of the day, one often becomes tempted to participate in depressing routines. By boosting your mood, you are boosting your general health which leaves you feeling fresh more often.

It is said that “the shape your mouth takes when you wake up defines the way your day will go” how then can one influence the way ones day goes?

First of all, before I make known to you how to influence it, it is very important to unlearn some routines and determine to take a new turn of change.

Personally, I have met people who follow through this routine almost every day and it works for them, you will notice it in the way they relate with others around them as well as the way they take care of their own body and self generally.

However, have you ever noticed that what happens during the morning hours often sets the tone for the rest of the day?  If you haven’t noticed or do not agree to that, try and study your body for the next two weeks. Try and take an inventory of your daily behavior. Get a small notepad, write the days of the week (Sunday to Saturday) in a vertical order, the  horizontally write at the top “1st week” and “2nd week”. Below each week , write “morning” and “night”.

During the morning period, write how you feel, then at night after the day’s work, put down how you feel. Do that for the next two weeks. At the end of it, check through what you have written down and take a close look and study the pattern. You will realize that if not all the time, most of the days, your morning mood decides your night mood.

Here are some few tips that have been verified by experts that can help boost your mood on a daily basis:

1. Create a “spoil-me” task: when you wake up in the morning, think of something exciting that you can do for yourself. It could be to go to the movies after work, if you don’t have access to a cinema, watch a movie you haven’t seen on your laptop or try get some from your friends. Buy something for yourself-it could be a nice dress you have been waiting to get. Another way is to make yourself fresh food rather than fast food. Try something different that will elevate your mood.

2. Eat well: sometimes, because of our busy schedules and early morning wakefulness, you could be tempted to skip a meal or might not be able to eat till lunch-break or noon time. If you do not have time to make yourself a good meal in the morning, some of the quick-breakfast that you can have include: a cup of tea (Lipton or moderate amount of caffeine) and bread; oatmeal takes less than 5minutes to prepare. Include in your shopping list: custard, oatmeal, bread, milk, cocoa(milo or bournvita) and honey or sugar. This will save you from developing unnecessary stomach upset at work and would help set your day alive.

3. Inhale freshness: Mother Nature provides us with fresh air. Try some outdoor exercise it could be walking round your compound. Researchers found that people experienced an enhanced mood and higher self-esteem after just five minutes of various types of green exercise including walking. Try listening to recorded nature sounds such as running water and birds sound; open your window in the morning so you can hear Mother Nature’s sound as you get ready for the day’s work. Or use alarm sounds that soothe you and eases you to be awake check out alarm sounds on your phone.

4. Feel good, feel peace: decide to feel good when you wake up in the morning. Take a couple of deep breaths so even when you encounter any frustrations or surprises you will remember to breathe and be calm. Music can make you feel good, on your way out listen to mind-soothing songs.

5. Assess yourself: when you wake up in the morning, take time to assess your body and notice if you feel any stiffness. Stretch lightly and breathe deeply. You will find that you feel present and better equipped for the day.

6. Reflect and be grateful: think about a positive event in your life-such as how you got into school, how your got your job, when you bought your first car, when you graduated from school, when you started your business, or when you met your ideal partner and imagine what your life would be like if the event(s) hadn’t happen, by envisioning the negative, that way your mood becomes elevated.

7. Smile: Smile has been given to everyone freely. It is something that can be done anytime or anywhere by anyone. You can boost your mood and influence the mood of those around you by smiling. How powerful that is.

You can do all these everyday, or choose one as a task to do on each day of the week, but you can be assured your mood will be boosted at the end of it. All the best.


Eniola Ake is a psychologist who is a writer of articles on relationship and emotional health care. She also does e-counseling and has a blog (www.supersoullifters.wordpress.com).

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