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David Oscar, DKB and other comedians make a bold statement in new pictures.

Ahead of David Oscar's critically acclaimed corporate comedy series touch down in Cape Coast on the 18th of April, he has released a photo shoot comprising of top class acts that will dazzle Cape Coast on the night DKB, has had a successful year so far, the humorist has pulled off his Solo comedy tour #DKBLiVE and continues to thrill audience. On 18th April, he'll again "slap" ribs at the Pempamsie Hotel in Cape Coast More Photos below..

The main boss David Oscar, The man is an acclaimed Ace comedian, being the first comedian to get a brand endorsement and also first to represent Ghana on the international stage. David has given Ghanaian comedy a stage via "Corporate Comedy Series " . On 18th April, Cape Coast will experience the superior healing power of Ghanaian comedy, as the CCS train would touch down at the Pempamsie Hotel.

Augustine Dennis is a proud Malaysia "Deportee", he'll make you laugh with his multi-cultural jokes. On 18th April Augustine will nickname your problems "Malaysian Airways " as he'll make them disappear. Lol
Idiot James Brown is an insane "Humor Therapist ", thrilling Fans weekly on his special segment of the most acclaimed prime time show in Ghana, "The KSM SHOW ". James would also be on the train that will bring extreme humor to Cape Coast. Khemikal is one comic art that'll cause extreme damage to your ribs, The computer engineer is assured to decode your frowns and turn them to extreme joy.

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