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David Oscar inspires trend

Ghanaian Actor/Comedian David Oscar has been praised and applauded for his insistent demand that Ghanaian comedy and arts should be accorded the superiority it deserves.

David has constantly sacrificed his personal benefit, and has been a dedicated crusader for Ghanaian comedy.  However the "powers that be " would constantly oppress this valiant hero of Ghanaian art. Due to his activism, he has been sabotaged, black-listed and demonized by a major event company and their associates who have made it a priority to halt his relevance on the entertainment scene. 

Mr. Oscar's defiance is however not invalid as it has began to show results on the Ghanaian entertainment  landscape.  He has inspired a trend and given budding comedians a platform and hope  through his televised road show "Corporate Comedy Series " which was the first of its kind in Ghana. 

Months After David Oscar's last event [Corporate Comedy Series ; charity edition ] which was highly recognized by major entertainment "pundits", a trend has been set as comedians have been inspired by David Oscar to create their own platforms.  Most notably the "Accra must laugh " show and much recently "#DKBLiVE tour " . Ghanaians are beginning to see that Ghanaian humorist are independent and capable of standing on their own. The audacity of the Ghanaian comedian has been seen on a large scale as they have refused to kiss the boots of "high and mighty " event organizers. This is a trend set by a man who gave up his personal appeal to fight for what he believes in. As our country celebrates it's independence, it'll be great to celebrate the independence of Ghanaian comedy and patriarchs who made it possible.


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