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Elikem, Pokello Break Up Hoax: Whose Fault?????

lovers elikem and pokelloNews got round on Monday that Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality stars, Elikem and Pokello had broken up. According to the story, Elikem had found a new lover and had even impregnated her.
Few hours after the story began trending on social media, Elikem took to his Twitter account to dispel the rumors and to state emphatically that Pokello and himself were still in love and in a relationship.

The lady in the middle of the controversy, a certain fashion designer from Germany by name Theresa Onnen, has also stated that she that her relationship with Elikem is strictly business. She further indicated that she isn’t pregnant for the Ghanaian designer and had not granted any interview to any media house.
In the middle of all this is our very own Graphic Showbiz. Online news portals that carried this story all quoted and sourced Graphic Showbiz. According to them, the story was carried by the media outlet in it’s Monday, March 17, 2014 Edition with the headline; “End Of Polikem Fairy Tale?”

Even though I have not seen the physical newspaper, investigations conducted by myself (Quaci Kyei) revealed that the story has also been published on the official and online portal of Graphic (graphiconline.com) (Read Story Here) which obviously means that the newspaper indeed carried.
Graphic Showbiz in it’s story explicitly stated that they have confirmed the break up from Elikem. They further indicated that Miss Theresa had also confirmed to them her relationship with Elikem and also the fact that she was 2-weeks pregnant for Elikem.
Meanwhile there is a supposed tape that contains the voice of Elikem who in the recorded conversation, confirmed that he and Pokello were not together anymore.
My simple question is, who is speaking the truth??? Graphic Showbiz, a subsidiary of the Graphic Group of companies is one of the most credible news paper outfits in this country. They are very established and wouldn’t resort to such cheap shots to gain readership. So why would they carry the story if it’s not true???
From Monday when the story broke till now, we have not heard anything from the newspaper which is quite worrying because I am thinking that their credibility is at stake and therefore if it’true then they should come out, present their evidence and clear issues up. Why would they allow their image to be tarnished if they can easily defend themselves?
So whose fault is it??? Is it that the editor failed to do his job by cross checking the facts or it’s an over zealous journalist who decided to try his luck at stardom??? Or it’s a new way of gaining readership by Graphic????
I’m also quite not happy with the fact that all the internet bloggers who re-published the story, failed to do any checks. Every one copied from the other and it was the same news all over the place.  It’s quite shameful.
Blogging is gaining roots in this country and it’s important that we realised what a powerful tool it is and use it well. We must gain credibility. Blogging is just like writing in your diary, it’s your thoughts and how you feel, simply put, it’s your opinion.
So when you report something about someone, you need to do the necessary work to make your case solid.
I’m still waiting for Graphic to clear their name. But to Elikem, why would they say you have broken up with Pokello and claim that they interviewed you when they didn’t??
More questions than answers.

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