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Footballer Samuel Eto lives like a king!!!

Four time African Footballer of the Year Samuel Eto'o is super rich!
Samuel Eto'o is the world's second highest-earning sportsperson, after the golfer Tiger Woods. He is the highest-paid footballer in the world, earning £35.7 million (over $54 million) per year, excluding off-field endorsements.

Eto’o rides the world’s most expensive car – A Bugatti Veyron and stands the only African footballer who actually owns one. He also has a Ferrari, a Bentley, A Lamborghini, a hummer jeep, a Porch and a family bus. He doesn't purchase the wheels for himself alone, almost every member in his nuclear family rides in something big!
A few weeks back spent 4million pounds on four exotic cars. He bought a £1.55m Bugatti Veyron, an Aston Martin One-77 worth £1.25m, a luxury Maybach Xenatec worth £750,000 and an Aston Martin V12 Zagato worth £450,000.
http://distilleryimage11.ak.instagram.com/b3a70c1aec4e11e2b1c522000a9f18eb_7.jpg http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/78f4e29e633711e395f6124988e62d57_8.jpghttp://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/89e7a41463dd11e391180ed4ff970c93_8.jpg
 'Everyone has an obsession, mine is cars. I like to have a few cars because it gives me choice and it doesn't hurt anybody. To give happiness, the first thing is to be happy oneself, and I am.' he says.

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