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"I thought only people in Africa got HIV"- Hiv+ infected British mother reveals

A mother-of-three who had unprotected sex says she never dreamed she was at risk of HIV - because 'only African people could get it'.
Rachel Dilley, 48, developed the condition nearly a decade ago.Appearing on ITV's This Morning to discuss her diagnosis, she said she hadn't realised at the time that 'white people had ever had it'.
She told amazed hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that the risks had genuinely never crossed her mind.
. 'I didn't know anything about it - I didn't know it was even possible to catch it,' she explained.It was like a really severe bout of the flu.'I thought "why?".'I just didn't know anything about it - I just thought you got it in Africa. I didn't know a white person had ever got it.''I will not be defined by it [my illness] - people love me for who I am,'.
 Her comments were described by Philip as 'extremely naive'.

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