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Jackie Appiah and Bobby Obodo ‘discussing marriage’

Jackie Appiah and Obodo
The relationship between actress Jackie Appiah and her colleague actor Bobby Obodo is back in the news again. The beautiful Ghanaian actress once denied their relationship but according to Viasat1, the two are discussing marriage.

Reports trickling in say Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah and Nigerian actor Bobby Obodo have taken their alleged relationship a notch further…and are discussing marriage!
According to LindaIkejiblog, the two have been discussing marriage since the Valentine’s season this year (February 2014). Other reports, however, has alleged that Jackie has introduced Bobby to her parents.
The two have been seen together a few times before and after rumours sparked of their relationship.
But Jackie had maintained she is not dating Bobby. She said earlier in January that
“He (Bobby) is simply a colleague and there is no truth in the allegation that we are dating. It’s false! Because people see us together does not mean we are romantically inclined.
“It is just a figment of some people’s imagination. Some people are up to mischief. Controversies no longer get to me. I have outgrown many things,” she reportedly denied their alleged romantic affairs.
“That is my private life. I don’t go personal when granting interviews but I am a mother,” she also said about her marriage.
Whether it is true or not, time will tell.

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