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My Boyfriend Don't Make Love To Me Naturally Again Bcos Of His Mother's Threat

My guy proposed marriage to me. He initially was anxious for me to meet with his mother.
Unfortunately, she was out of town within that period. While in school and writing my final examinations, he would call me to come and cook for him. I didn’t mind since we were planning to spend the rest of our lives together. At a time I was becoming worried about his plans for me since we spend most of our time holed in the house.

Finally, she came back and we went to see her. It didn’t go as I expected as she showed so much antagonism towards me. She went as far as making me understand that education in her opinion isn’t the ultimate or not a guarantee that I will end up becoming her daughter-in-law.

She also said marriage between me and her son may not work... Because we come from different towns. She went further to tell me that I should go in search for a job in the civil service if I truly wanted to be her son’s wife. She said so many things, issued concealed threats as if she was the one who sent me to school. 

To make matters worse, my boyfriend said he won’t walk down the aisle in any church; that he would only settle for the traditional marriage ceremony. 
He also said until I get a job, I must be on contraceptive whenever we have séx so that I won't get pregnant. 

In fact, I’m tired of this relationship. I have stopped calling him as I used to. I’m extremely tired and want to end it all. Please your kind advise is needed. 

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  1. How long have you two been dating? Who pays your school fees? When will you complete school?


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