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Naked women stage protest against female oppression in the Arab world (+40)

On March 8 which was he International Women's day.6 naked women were arrested by Police in Paris for protesting stark naked outside the Louvre Art Museum’s Square .They bared it all before dumb struck tourists who applauded them .

Protest organiser Safia Lebdi said the demonstration was connected to International Women's Day.
She said the women waved flags of Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Iran to highlight the many legal and cultural restrictions imposed on women in the Muslim world.

One of the naked protesters, Amina Sboui, is a former member of a Paris-based exhibitionist group called Femen renowned for its topless protests.
Last year Ms Sboui spent more than two months in jail in Tunisia for allegedly desecrating a cemetery by writing "Femen" on a wall.
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