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So Promzy Wanted To Attack His Former Group V.I.P. … Why Though?

We all know that Promzy, now called Promzy Afrika said bye to his group former group, V.I.P. which stood strong for over a decade. The group has won many awards and scored many hit songs during their reign.

Promzy’s exit from the group came as a shock to everybody since we were all proud of the group for standing strong for over 10 years. It seems all is not well between them hence why Promzy quit the group to go and do his own thing. We also know that Reggie Rockstone is the new member of the group now and a new single is out already featuring him.
Promzy Afrika shared on his Facebook page today that he actually wanted to record a a diss song or attack them verbally for reasons why he quit the group but he says “silence is golden”. We would really love to hear why he quit. See his Facebook post below and also keep it locked while we go and poke our nose into the affairs to bring you the exact reason why Promzy called it quits with his former group. Stay tuned.

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