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(VIDEO and PHOTO): SEE Nak'ed Woman Jogs Down Busy London Street

Nothing could be more shocking than a nu'de picture or video of an adult man or woman.

A bus passenger, Elijah Bailey, was recently confronted with a woman jogging down his local high street-nak'ed.

Elijah was on the top deck of an E3 bus in Ealing, west London when he spotted the nu'de runner casually making her way along Uxbridge Road.
As the grainy video shows her passing convenience shops, takeaway joints and a cash point it’s perhaps surprising she didn’t cause more of a commotion. Since Elijah uploaded the video on to Facebook, the footage has provoked amusement and confusion. ‘She had no remorse on her face. I’m still in shock,’ explained Elijah, a few hours after the incident. ‘Police stopped her outside Deans Park and she was so calm with it, like they wanted the time or some of her Lucozade,’ he added. No arrest has been reported however, and the nak'ed woman’s behaviour remains a mystery.

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