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10 Unexplained Mysteries In Ghana

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Growing up as a child in Ghana, I’ve heard many strange stories which has never been proven to be true and till date, many remain a mystery.
Delving deep into it, I’ve decided to bring to you 10 of such stories for us to deliberate on. Some of these stories are totally unexplainable. Well!!! some turned out to be real but unexplainable while others turned out to be scams but was not proven so will still make it on this list.
Come with me as I send you on a mystical journey into the 10 unexplained mysteries in Ghana.



Well I don’t know of any Ghanaian child who was growing up in the 90′s who has never heard of the stories of Madam ‘Moke’, the supposed ghost who used to haunt schools and made even teachers to take to their heels.
Madam ‘Moke’ was believed to be a teacher who was murdered by some students who locked her in a cupboard and took away one of her high heels which she loved to wear so much. At the time, most Ghanaians referred to any high heel shoe as ‘Moke’ hence the term. During class lessons, she comes around in search of her shoe and this makes many students run out of class and head straight home including teachers. It’s always a funny spectacle to behold when you see you teachers running ‘helter-skelter’
Those who claim to have an encounter with her usually say, when she’s approaching, you hear the sound of someone walking in high heels but you don’t see anybody. Some go to the extent to say, she actually screams out for her shoe like, “Where is my moke? I need my moke”.
The story goes on to say when she’s about appearing, there’s a slight storm and you feel heaviness in your heart and then the environment becomes dark then you feel her presence.
Personally, I’ve never experienced or had an encounter with her before but I believe it was just a hoax students played on teachers to be able to rush home earlier than the normal hours for school.
Till date, nobody knows who started this rumor, but it has remained a mystery till now and it’s totally unexplainable.


Somewhere in the late 90′s, there were a series of killings happening in Mataheko which was later named as the Mataheko killings. The target were mostly women who were killed and dumped there since most of the residents could not identify the victims as being in that community.
In total, 35 women were murdered and it remained a mystery because nobody could tell who perpetrated the crime.
On May 16, 2001 Charles Ebo Quansah was arrested for the murder of nine women by strangulation out of the 35 women. He later released a press statement claiming he did not kill the women but was tortured in police custody and so made the confession under duress.
He was also later diagnosed being mentally unstable. If indeed he did kill nine out of the 35 women who were killed, who killed the remaining 22. Till date, this has been unexplainable and has still remained a mystery yet to be solved.

UFO Spotted at netherlands


Well! This might come as a surprise to you but yes! there were UFO sightings in Ghana by a tourist who visited the country and even has a video of it on youtube.
On May 11, 2011, Mr. Scott Waring claim to have spotted two orbs in the sky in Ghana and with camera in hand, decided to take a video of it and shared it on youtube.
In the video, you could see two bright lights in the sky but totally mysterious and unexplainable but he believes those were alien Unidentified Flying Objects.
The orbs seems to be moving and at a point becomes stable. Some might think it’s just the sun, but at the hour he was filming the strange happenings, it was somewhere around 5:30 am, the sun had not risen yet and even if it had, the orbs were in the middle of the sky and not from the east. As we all know the sun rises from the east and couldn’t be in the middle of the sky that early.
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On February 12, 2014, a fisherman from Wuobeweku a fishing community in Chorkor, West Africa, Ghana, had the shock of his life when his net captured a cow live at sea instead of fish which he went to hunt for. The creature had a mark of a ring on one of its legs leading many to speculate that it meant be a deity or an object of sacrifice to appease the gods.
According to the fisherman, the cow was found in an area where fishermen cannot cross due to excessive noise and distraction from flying vultures.
In his statement, he said, “…we normally stop anytime we get to this particular area which seems to be a no-go area…Surprisingly just as we were getting closer to that area, there was a strange sound.A sound that was never expected at Sea, and behold it was a black fat cow
This wasn’t the only instance an animal was caught at sea in that particular year. Before the cow, a deer was also caught by fishermen in the central region when they cast their net to catch fish and ended up with a deer in it.
These two happenings are really mysterious and nobody can tell how the animals got to the middle of the sea and it’s totally unexplainable.


In the 90′s a strange beast was believed to attack people and bite off their buttocks and shred their body into pieces in Tamale and this earned it the name, “Anyire Gbuna” which means, “Buttocks Biter”.
The beast terrified the Tamale municipality for years till some farmers killed an Anteater and assumed that was the animal. But veterinarians and experts who checked on the animal concluded indeed it was an Anteater and Anteaters can’t leave the kind of wounds the “Anyire Gbuna” leaves on it’s victims.
Some months after the discovery, there were some other two cases and after it mysteriously vanished, just as it appeared and there has never been any case of it anymore.
Till date, nobody knows what it was or who it was and nobody can explain what really it was that terrified the town.


In 2011, there was a video of a monster or let’s say a mermaid that was circulated in Ghana and people claiming it was captured during the building of the Bui Dam by the Chinese.
Personally, the first time I saw the video I knew it was a hoax because I had already watched a video of it on youtube being a story in Indonesia, long before it was even decided to build the Bui Dam.
As it turned out, the contractors came out to dispute the story and so it turned out not to be true. But some people still believe it is true, it did happen.
What makes it mysterious is, till date, nobody really knows who started the rumor.


There are many mysterious stories about Okomfo Anokye but one of the stories that has really gone far is the story of the Okomfo Anokye sword which is situated at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.
According to legend, Okomfo Anokye buried the sword in the ground and claimed nobody could pull it out and said the day it will be pulled out, the Ashanti Kingdom will be divided. Lo and behold, nobody has been able to pull the sword out and it has remained at where it is till date. This sword is still where it is and many have tried to pull it out but has been unable to complete the task.
According to speculated stories, during the building of the hospital, the contractors decided to pull it out with the fork digging machine but it didn’t budge.
Mysteriously nobody can explain what or how it’s being held in place.



Somewhere in the mid-nineties, there were mysterious cases of people losing their penis by being touched by sorcerers. This caused so much pandemonium, people were even lynched for making others penis disappear.
The situation died off just as it mysteriously appeared and till date nobody knows who started the rumor and for what intention. During the time, a lot of people claim their penis vanished and some claimed it really shrink but till now, nobody has really seen a penis shrink or disappear.
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In 2007, there were messages going around claiming if you pick a call from a particular number, you will die.
“Please, don’t pick any call with 09141 its instant death after the call, 7 people have died already.please tell others fast,its urgent”
Friends and family were informed, a call from the number is usually red and will kill you instantly when you pick them.
Nobody can tell the source of this situation but what we do know is that, it was a hoax.


One of the wonders performed by Okomfo Anokye is that he conjured a golden stool from the sky in the presence all the chiefs and kings of the Ashanti kingdom and this stool has been kept in a secret confinement in the palace. The day the stool will disappear will be the day the kingdom will collapse as it was warned by Okomfo Anokye to all the Kings and Chiefs present.
The golden stool is still intact in the palace and only comes out when a  new king is about to be enstooled. The making of the stool is unique and one of it’s kind. This what has marveled many from far and beyond, even some white men tried stealing it and that’s when Yaa Asantewaa stood up to fight for the stool.
The stool is made of pure gold and does not look of this world…that’s strange?!!!

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