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2014 Best Gadgets To Own

1. Polaroid Socialmatic camera                                                                          #CES2014
Best gadgets at CES
Originally floated as a concept back in 2012, the Android-based Socialmatic could revive the beloved Polaroid as we know it. An inkless printing system enables users to print stickers of their sepia-tinted images, and customise them using the 4.5 inch touchscreen. Slated for release by the end of 2014, it may be hipster, but it's also incredibly cool

2. Goji Smart Lock

Best gadgets CES 2014
The Goji Smart Lock bypasses the need for keys, allowing you to gain access to your home with the simple tap of a smartphone or electronic fob. And no more worrying about whether you remembered to lock the door or not - it sends you a text when the locks are activated

3. HABU app 
Mood-based playlist HABU aims to build the perfect playlist in one tap, as users create mood-based lists ranging from dark to calm, positive and energetic

4. June bracelet

CES best gadgets
Netamo's June bracelet monitors its wearer's exposure to the sun using its facent sensor as well as advising on the kind of suncream to apply. A potential god send

5. LaCie Sphere hard drive
Best gadgets CES
This external hard drive may not be cheap at $490 for 1TB of memory, but it sure is beautiful
Picture: LaCie

6. LEO the Maker Prince children's book
This incredible children's book encourages youngsters to explore their creativity through 3D printing by following the adventures of LEO the robot printer, who creates plastic models of the pictures his friend Clara draws. Even better, design files of all the characters and objects are available to be downloaded
Picture: LaCie

7. Panomo panoramic camera 
Throw the Panomo camera ball into the air to take incredible 360 degree photographs from all angles. Possibly don't throw it too hard though
Picture: LaCie

8. Pebble Steel smartwatch 
One of the true stars of CES 2014, the Pebble Steel second generation smartwatch has been hailed as one the year's first exciting releases ahead of its January 28th launch.
Picture: LaCie

9. Kolibree toohbrush 
Plugged as the world's first internet-enabled toothbrush, Kolibree monitors and compares your daily brushing, alongside recommending brushing techniques

10. Flir One personal thermal imager case 
CES best gadgets
Ever wanted to turn your friends and family into heatmaps? You now can with the Flir One, detecting and displaying live thermal images

11. LG's Home Chat
Best gadgets CES 2014
Dying for a beer in the comfort of your own home but can't remember if there's any left in the fridge? No worries - use LG Home Chat to text your fridge to check for you. You can also text your washing machine to start a load whilst you're out and about, or tell your robotic vacuum cleaner to start tidying up. Truly the next generation of home appliances

12. iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer
Monitor the temperature of your food as it cooks from up to 150 feet away, helping you to work out when it's been perfectly cooked


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