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Fan Blasts Wizkid

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This guy bore Wizkid ooo….he thinks Wizkid is behaving childish by flaunting dollars on social media networks. This guy after seeing Wizkd post this picture of him holding dollars wrote this long letter. Wizkid is not the only musician who have done this tho.
Read the unedited letter below.

“Young king, you have the world at your feet. You release a song and 24 hours later it gets a million downloads. You have over a million fans on Twitter, and your pictures make the popular page on Instagram. The streets adore you, and the ladies love you. You are the golden goose at EME who lays the golden egg. Sh*t if this was Game of Thrones, you are King Joffrey sitting on the iron throne.
If you take time out of your busy schedule to watch Game of Thrones, you would know King Joffrey isn’t the most like-able monarch in the world. You have a lot of money, we know that, but it’s kinda childish if you keep referring to your bank account anytime you are criticized. Yes, you post a lot of pictures on Instagram, and your fans are beginning to wonder if your second album will ever drop. As a star people will always say things about you (some true, some false), but you have to remain cool as a boss. Do your thing, and drop those two albums. Your fans are waiting. They don’t care about your money. They care about your music.”

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