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How To Kiss Like A Pro

You dont wanna be kissing like Olele.lol Thats just by the way

You’ve just had an astounding first date with the most beautiful girl of your college. You always tried to go out with her and tonight was the night. You were cool, confident as well as humorous throughout your date. Its time to drop her to the college dorm. You both had a wonderful evening and its time to kiss. You reach her from behind, grab her rear and lock your lips firmly across hers. She tells you good night and from the next day she ignores you in the college. What went wrong?

Girls and women tend to judge men by their first kiss. Here are a few kissing tips that will force your sweetie begging for more sweet kisses from you.
  • A special kiss requires a special atmosphere. Make sure that you set the right mood; candlelight dinner is too romantic as is soft music. Make sure that you both are comfortable and the setting is too sensuous.

  • Read her gentle lips. Observe if she leans on you, as you lean closer, is her closed or not. These two are strong indications that she wants to kiss you. However, not everyone close their eyes before kissing. So, open eyes doesn’t mean no kiss.
  • Women love to be overpowered by their men who exhibit their masculinity while kissing their women. Thus, if you have to kiss like a pro learn to take advantage of being a man. However, don’t be rash, remember you’re kissing a soft girl so be gentle.
  • The next secret to kiss like a pro begins with fresh breath. A bad breath will turn your kiss sour. So take good oral care by brushing your teeth regularly and gargling with mouth wash everyday.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water. Drink at least 6 glasses of water everyday will keep your mouth moist and your breath fresh. A moist mouth will contain fewer bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Use your lips proficiently. Don’t open your mouth more than required. Start sucking the lower as well as upper lips chance by chance and also bite them gently. Taste the saliva of your girlfriend by using your tongue and allow her to the same. Use your hands appropriately when kiss your girl.
  • As you kiss, don’t go wild. Keep your kiss gentle and cuddle your sweetie during kissing. You can touch the nape of her neck gently which will make the kiss even more sensuous.
  • After the kiss make sure to take a breather and if you’re sweetie is craving for another one, go for it!
It’s enough reading the tips, time to score a kiss. Smooches!

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