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Meet Eze a Hero of Ghanaian music

Most People know him as "Anago" others know him for smash hits such "Mr Armed Robber" featuring TicTac and "Uredia" featuring Tinny. But what people don't know is that Jonathan "Eze" Nwadinobi has played a major role in making Ghanaian music come this far.

Ghanaian music hasn't always been what it is today, it has been nurtured and built by "Pillars" like Eze, Eze came into the scene in 1999 when Hip life was just a sleeping lion and lacked the needed support ,He noticed the potential Hip life possessed as he came into contact with likes of Lord Kenya, Kwadee, Yoogie Doogie, Tinny, VIP, Reggie Rockstone, TicTac, Chicago, BukBak and more.

The Nigerians major hunger and passion to boost Ghanaian music lead him to  take works from promising Ghanaian musicians Like Boli [you may kiss your bride] , VIP, TicTac, Mzbel [16 years] and many more to Nigeria. This selfless move lead to Ghanaian music being heard in the worlds biggest music market, with constant promotion Eze made Monster Hits out if track like Kangaroo [TicTac] , Kiss your bride by Boli and Mzbel's 16 years. Eze wasn't yet satisfied as he yearned to see Ghana on top. 
His next move was to shine publicity and relevance on the Hip life movement, Eze believed it was time for the sleeping lion to roar and herald Ghana's readiness to be on top. Eze is constantly praised for being the first entity to stage a major music concert in Ghana as he gave musicians a stage via his "Loud in Accra'' platform and a popular showbiz newspaper called the LnK newspaper(Loud and Kicking newspaper). Loud in Accra began in 1999 with a cross section of Hip Life musicians. the show saw a 'Hungry' VIP storm the world with their electric performances and eccentric style, It also saw the birth of the careers of musicians like Tinny, TicTac and more, Loud in Accra also holds a record for highest turn out at a music concert in Ghana   
He is also acknowledged by major music observers for revolutionizing Ghanaian music through collaborations with Nigerian promoters and Artiste. He has also personally played roles in the success of artiste like Shatta Wale, as he supported him both financially and with unlimited guidance and advice in his dark days.
In 2003 Eze made history by bringing Idris Abdul Kareem and then  2face Idibia in 2005 to Ghana , this built a relationship that'll last long between the Ghanaian and Nigerian industry, These also lead to collaborations between Ghanaian and Nigerian Artiste.
Eze's achievements have gone far and beyond what I have stated, but it is appalling the fact that he remains unrecognized and underrated. His achievements have been noticed by key industry players who accord him respect, however until now the media that praises Hip Life has failed to praise major contributions like Eze.
Eze is a hero and should be praised as such, all hail king Eze !

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