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Twitter launches ‘Facebook redesign’

twt 300x230 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
Twitter has rolled out its controversial new redesign for all users.
Despite months of complaints from users about how alike Twitter and Facebook are becoming, the blogging site is powering on with its changes.
Under its latest redesign, users can now highlight, or 'pin', tweets to the top of their profile, add larger profile pictures and customise their header images.

article 2599752 1CEF8BFD00000578 722 634x487 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
As part of its latest redesign, Twitter users can now pin tweets to the top of their profile, add larger profile pictures, and customise their header images. Tweets that have received the most retweets or interactions now appear larger on a person's profile. Michelle Obama's Twitter account pictured features the new look
Twitter has also added filters to control what kind of tweets appear, including tweets with photos and tweets with replies.
'Today, the new web profile experience is rolling out to all users around the world,' the firm said.
Some users have had a number of these features - namely the new header and profile image - for a while, during Twitter's testing phase, while others will not be familiar with them.
‘Moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are,’ explained Twitterdesigner David Bellona in a blog post.
‘Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile.’
The new look lets users add a larger profile picture, customise their header image, and highlight their best tweets - all features similar to those found on Facebook.
Tweets that have received the most retweets, interactions or favourites now appear larger on a person’s profile, making popular content easier to find.
article 2599752 1CEF8BE700000578 401 634x502 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
New users will see the updated profile design straight away and it will be rolled out to current users 'in the coming weeks'. Notable tweeters to already have the new look, in addition to Michelle Obama, include Channing Tatum, pictured, and John Legend

article 2590209 1C97496700000578 371 634x491 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
The new design follows a number of changes. In March, for example, Twitter posted a blog announcing a new range of photo options. Users can now add up to four pictures in each tweet. The firm also added the ability to tag up to ten friends in a photo, without using up any of the tweets 140 characters

Users can also now pin tweets to the top of their profile, that act in a similar way to Facebook status updates, to show ‘followers what you’re all about’.
Facebook has a similar 'Highlight' feature that members use to promote certain posts, or make photo posts larger, for example.
Finally, Twitter has introduced Filtered Tweets meaning users can choose which timeline to view when checking out people’s profiles. 
article 2610690 1D45A18800000578 583 634x387 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
Earlier this year, Twitter rolled out the new design to select users and it was criticised for closely resembling how Facebook profiles look. Images are larger, while text-based tweets are made smaller, and where appropriate, cards are positioned in columns similar to Facebook's Highlights profile design, pictured

article 2599752 1CF06B6B00000578 912 634x410 Twitter launches Facebook redesign
During testing of this redesign, the photos and videos box on the old left-hand panel was removed and a new category tab was created on individual profiles to showcase this content. These now appear to have been a precursor to the latest filters, pictured
Filters include tweets, tweets with photos or videos, and tweets with replies.
The redesign was officially revealed on the Today show in the U.S, by Carson Daly.
New users will see the updated profile design straight away, and it will be rolled out to current users ‘in the coming weeks.’
As well as the Today show’s account, notable other tweeters to get the new look including Channing Tatum, Michelle Obama and John Legend.
These changes are the latest in a long line of tweaks gradually being rolled out to the site.
Twitter is still unique in the way it shows posts in chronological reverse order and its character limit. 
The imitation goes both ways, too - in June last year, Facebook added a Twitter-style hashtag tool to its site.
source:Daily Mail

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