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Nick Cannon ditches wedding ring,but has to live with this MASSIVE Mariah Carey tattoo(Photos)

He stepped out without his wedding ring for the first time as host on American Idol, however,Nick has a bigger reminder of his marriage to Mariah Carey thanks to the massive tattoo of her name on his back.
When the couple got hitched in 2008, they both got tattoos.Nick inked her name in sprawling large letters while Mariah inked a butterfly on her lower back with tiny words saying "Mrs Cannon..He said then
'To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything. They’re forever and ever. They professed our love.'
USWeekly claims Nick's interview where he listed famous women he dated including Kim contributed to the breakdown of their marriage .....

'She always suspected when he was working that he was somehow out there cheating and she'd behome alone calling Nick 100 times a day, 'It got to be too much. And he was always faithful.'
But Mariah was still apparently jealous of Nick's previous relationship with Kim Kardashian and was 'furious and humiliated' when the reality star was among the names he listed when quizzed about famous women he'd slept with in a radio interview with Howard Stern earlier this year .Mariah hates Kim because Nick really cared about her,Nick tried to backtrack a week later by claiming on another radio show his wife "doesn't even know who Kim Kardashian is." But the damage was already done.He was too open about their marriage for her taste,' She's private, and some of the things he revealed in interviews disgusted her. 
Mariah also stepped out without her ring ,replacing with a butterfly ..her tattoo with nick's almost invisible name on her lower back
Nick was also recorded without his wedding ring during America's got talent taping

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