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Reasons Why Joey B's "Wave" Video Is One Of The Best Music Videos Ghanaians Have Seen In Ages

Joey B and Pappy Kojo - Wave
Will Joey B ever release a bad track? Will Joey B ever waste your time? Will Joey B ever release a "WACK" video? Never !! N-E-V-E-R, the answer to all these questions.
Which stage didn't he kill? None we know of.
These are reasons why you've got to watch it if you haven't. These are reasons why you'd be a looser if you don't. These are reasons why it deserves awards.

It had a perfect feature. Pappy Kojo, though he might not have that mainstream recognition stood to the test and passed. Joey's done a great job of at least introducing someone to part-time mainstream. lol Exactly what other artiste need to inculcate

The director is not even old in the industry. If Prince Dovlo really created the whole video idea, then Ghana has found for itself a bright future for upcoming videos on our sets.

He needed no women, though there was one thick girl trying to twerk and all that. It reminds me of that Sarkodie and Banky W video "Pon Di Thing". Lol, too many women. Joey B didnt really need all that.

Outfits. Their outfits really gave the video sort of the hip-hop feel. Pappy Kojo's hairstyle's also crazy.

Perfect hook. Exactly whats needed to turn up a crowd of more than 30,000 fans. You'd also notice Joey B's verses seemed like he only put little effort into the whole thing, unlike other artistes who always look so serious to tear up a smile. Joey loves to rhyme and he's good at it. Dope sound, fantastic instrumentals, quality video, and its just outstanding. Something our Ghanaian music industry is not familiar with.

Watch the video below:

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