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Who’s Ghana’s Bill Cosby now? KKD ?

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The news which broke out on Saturday night about the 19 year old girl accusing KKD of rape, is definitely going to tarnish KKD’s image.
First of all, alot of people are going to question his credibility from now going. This days whenever i log on to my facebook accout, i see a lot of status updates from people dissing KKD.

This morning i woke up to see this one:

“Who is Ghana’s Bill Cosby?”

screenshot-www.google.com.gh 2014-12-30 10-56-55Now that’s definitely directed towards Kwesi Kyei Darkwa.  KKD might have thought saying it was consensual sex would reduce the harm caused to his reputation. But no, its only going to prevent a few people from calling him a “Rapist”, and would rather add more fuel to the whole situation.

KKD should learn from Bill Cosby, who’s currently receiving several rape accusations from women. Bill Cosby hardly replied any of the several reporters who had asked him about the rape allegations. If you dont say anything, the media wouldn’t have anything to write write. Would they?
KKD should rather remain quiet about the situation, and not make any comments, until the case is settled in court.
And who said having consensual sex with a 19 year old was cool. KKD is 50 years old. Do the math, and you would realise he’s 31 years older than the girl. In addition to all that, KKD is a married man with two children. His children would suffer terribly from this, as they might be bullied where ever they find themselves.
There’s more to this issue, and we at EnterGhana are sure to give you more updates soon.
Source: EnterGhana | Desmond Alabi | Who’s Ghana’s Bill Cosby now? KKD ?

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