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Episode 101: Esteban tells Acacia that he knows that she loves him and must accept it, or he will tell Cristina. Cristina tells Esteban that she’s never liked Danilo’s behavior. Desperate to distance herself from Esteban, Acacia tells Manuel to please save her and asks him to marry her.

Episode 102: Manuel asks Norberto if he knew that Alejandra worked as a prostitute with Danilo. Alejandra asks Acacia if the police were able to catch Danilo, and she tells him that he escaped. Manuel tells Ulises that he doesn’t want to be his enemy, especially now that he is going to be married to Acacia.

Episode 103: Esteban tells Acacia that the only way she can marry Manuel is over his dead body. Hector tells Cristina that destiny is foolish, because he loves her and can’t do anything about it. Cristina tells Acacia that she forgives her, but she is rushing to marry Manuel.

Episode 104: Esteban tells El Rubio that he won’t allow Acacia to marry Manuel, and he doesn’t care what he has to do. Lizzie tells Alejandra that she wants to be sure that she won’t try to win back German’s love now that they’re about to get married. In front of Juliana and Cristina, Esteban tells Acacia and Manuel that they can’t get married, but Manuel tells him that they will be married at the civil registry.

Episode 105: Alejandra tells Acacia that Esteban abused her trust in him. Luisa tells Arturo that she doesn’t want her wedding only to be because of the fact that he wants his son to have his last name and that she loves him. Acacia tells Esteban that she wants him to leave.
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